DATE: Wednesday, March 15 - Saturday March 18th, 2017

    LOCATION: Private Home in San Diego, CA (by the beach)

  • The Experience

    Take a peek at our schedule of activities below - the essence of what you'll experience!


    This mastermind is designed to...

    • Energize you.
    • Create realignment for optimal performance helping you effectively grow your business.
    • Create deep connection with other high-performing entrepreneurs.
    • Have fun and PLAY.



    ENERGY FITNESS (aka Productivity)

    Everyone wants more energy. But what kind of energy do you want? And what would you use it for? You will learn a simple four step framework to better understand each of your energy dimensions, how they affect one another, and strategies for optimizing your energy for optimal performance.




    Time is the one thing you cannot replenish. Once it's gone, it's gone. Your time is precious, and yet there never seems to be enough of it. Good news...that's not true! Many times the problem lies in allowing others to stake claim to your time...before YOU do. Here you will learn a simple framework on how to prioritize urgent vs important tasks, as well as a system to proactively take command of your calendar (before anyone else does!).



    Taking everything you've learned about Energy Fitness, it's time to build your plan for the next 90 days. 90 days is a powerful frame of time - long enough to accomplish big things, and close enough to feel the urgency of a deadline. Here, you will learn the process behind building your 90 day plan, how to create habits that support it, and to develop a plan of accountability to ensure your success.



    You will be guided through a clear vision - your vision of how you desire to run your business as a powerful feminine leader. This vivid vision will be the filter for how you design your 90-day plan.



    One of the best ways to effectively overcome challenges, double down on what's working, and scale your business is to dig in with your fellow sister entrepreneurs as they brainstorm with you, offer suggestions, and help you work through your blind spots. The biggest breakthroughs often come during a round table session! They are powerful.

  • ***Energize. Learn. Grow. Connect. Play.***





    Wednesday March 15th

    7pm Check-in & Registration

    7:30pm - 10pm Dinner & Friendly Gathering


    Thursday March 16th

    7am - 8am Breakfast

    8am - 5pm Day 1 Mastermind Session

    5pm - 6pm Sunset Beach Yoga

    6pm - 7:15pm Quiet Time: Energy Fitness Homework

    7:30pm - 8:30pm Dinner

    8:30pm - 10:30pm Game Night & Relaxation


    Friday March 17th

    7am - 8am Breakfast

    8am - 4pm Day 2 Mastermind Session

    4pm - 5:30pm Sunset Beach Dance Party

    5:30pm - 7:30pm Free Time

    7:30pm - 8:30pm Dinner

    8:30pm - 10:30pm Game Night & Relaxation


    Saturday March 18th

    8am - 9am Breakfast

    9am - 4pm Day 3 Mastermind Session

    4pm - 5:30pm Painting Party

    5:30pm - 6pm Beach Fire Celebration & Closing Ritual

    6pm - 7pm Free Time

    7pm - 8pm Dinner

    8:30pm - 10:30pm Bowling Party


    Sunday March 19th

    8am - 9am Breakfast

    10am Checkout

  • How Are We Impacting the World?


    WE EXIST as a bridge for women entrepreneurs to scale beyond $1M annually and re-define feminine leadership. WE ENVISION co-creating a future where 10M impact-driven women entrepreneurs fully own and earn their worth and generate over $1M in annual revenue by 2030. This is in alignment with the United Nations #5 goal to end gender inequality.

  • The Facilitators

    Below is a snap shot of each facilitator who will warmly guide you through an incredible experience at the Energy Fitness Mastermind.



    Jennifer Love

    Agent of Abundance, Visionary CEO & Keynote Speaker

    Award winning, Shark Tank conquering, $100M+ raising, 17+ years under her high heels as a 5x serial entrepreneur, whose international wholesale chocolate company, NibMor, was named amongst the top US food and beverage companies of 2016. Jennifer Love is a trailblazer with a heart that matches her name. She’s the founding visionary CEO of One More Woman, the movement leading high-impact women entrepreneurs in 2 – 10xing revenue annually and becoming masterful with finances. She’s an eternal optimist grounded in hard analytics and believes ANYTHING is possible. In her words, “It’s not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of how.”



    Dominick Quartuccio

    Performance Coach, Keynote Speaker & Author

    Dominick spent 15 years in sales and sales leadership for a Fortune 100 firm.

    He helps successful (and incredibly busy) entrepreneurs and leaders take command of their habits - time, energy, focus and execution - so they can raise their performance in business and design a future they can't wait to live into.

    He specializes in high-stress environments.



    Andrea Shilllington

    Business Soul Architect

    On a 13-year world tour as an international brand strategist, Andrea developed strategy for fortune 500's and other famous brands, from the UAE federal government to Astra Zeneca to seven star hotels, all prior to launching Brands for the Heart. Her talents, insight, and heart combine to create a winning combo that brings a unique perspective to the entrepreneurial audience. This lady love is all about making a difference while delivering a million-dollar brand position for those she serves. Andrea's work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Good, and Springwise to name a few.

  • Our Manifesto

    Take a peek at our manifesto video - the essence of who we are!


    Not just anyone! This mastermind is SPECIFICALLY for impact-driven women'preneurs.


    ARE YOU...

    a high achiever, and visionary entrepreneur with a big heart?

    ARE YOU...

    ready to effectively manage your energy, schedule, and time for optimum performance?

    DO YOU...

    want support from other high-performing entrepreneurs who are ready to dig in and help you?

    ARE YOU...

    ready to have fun and deeply connect with scintillating conversations, game nights, beach parties, and all by the ocean with a great view?

    DO YOU...

    Want to step up your game, scale your business AND do so with your feminine prowess and become an entrepreneur of influence, a thought leader, and discover financial freedom in the process?

    AND ARE YOU...

    ready to link arms with other powerful leaders to become a mighty force of positive planetary change?


    If you've answered YES, then join us!

  • GROW

  • Why You Should Join Us

    Because the world needs you to bring your A-game to business AND to do so as a FEMININE LEADER whose cup is filled rather than running on empty.

    YOU matter. You are not alone.

    We are a group of heart-centered AND high-performing entrepreneurs who deeply HAVE EACH OTHERS BACKS.

    Together we can ALL win!

  • ***Energize. Learn. Grow. Connect. Play.***





    Contact our team at GotYourBack@OneMoreWoman.com.